Current Projects

Project : The effect of affordances on perceived action durations
Student: Sunny Jin
Description : Affordances describe the possible actions that an agent can perform on an object, enabled by the agent’s morphology as well as the object’s structure, such as grasping a pan handle with one’s fingers. This project investigates how affordance perception may affect perceived interval durations during motor action, contributing to the nascent research linking affordances to the interval timing. Virtual reality makes research on affordances and time perception possible in ways not feasible in real life, such as being able to alter the bodily morphology of the user in order to change the action possibilities (i.e. affordances) that can be performed on target objects (e.g. a pan with handle). In this study, we utilize two avatar hand types: normal and pill-shaped (fingerless). We are investigating whether the perceived time passed during motor action (reaching for a pan) differs depending on the hand type (normal, allowing for pan-handle grasping affordance; capsule, no grasping ability afforded) in our participants.

Project : Real-Time Fluid, Cloth, SoftBodies Physics Simulation in Virtual Reality
Student: Igor Lirussi
Description : The project aims to introduce realistic physics simulation into virtual reality. The focus is on enhancing the interacting experience with fluids, clothes, soft and deformable objects. New mechanics will include: tearing, friction, adhesion, buoyancy, melting, surface tension, viscosity, plasticity, and wind. The objective is achieved through the use of particle simulation.

Project : Abstract Reasoning and Lifelong Learning with Symbol and Rule Discovery
Students:Ahmet Cemil Yazıcı and Demet Yayala
Description : On this project, we are putting different objects on each other on a VR environment using steam VR. The aim is to write a program to teach the machine what the expected height will become using these objects on top of each other. We use VR goggles and Ultraleap Leapmotion machine on the project. We collect data using packages on unity that uses depth of image for this purpose.

Project : Audiovisual Saliency Model for 360° videos
Students: Halit Özsoy and Sevban Cander

Project : Effects of Tool Use on Body Schema Across Real and Virtual Environments
Students: Ezgi Batı and Şule Erkul